Grey Gordon Talks Debut Album and More

Check out Kingsborough Journalism student Aria Miller’s telling Q & A with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Grey Gordon, who discusses his upcoming album in a exclusive from last year.

In Jan 2011 you put out “Demos,” and since then you’ve been releasing work nonstop. In April, you get signed to No Sleep Records, a West coast record label. How do you feel about all of this happening so quickly?

Grey Gordon: Well, I suppose in a macro sense, it has all happened really quickly, but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. I’ve been attending shows for a decade now, and playing/booking shows for nearly as long. In that sense, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve played in god knows how many bands, most of them within the hardcore scene. It was a total fluke that this material happened to take off, I think. It’s easily the most “accessible” music I’ve put out thus far, so that definitely contributed to it catching on more quickly. Honestly, I’m just thankful that people believe in me enough to continually support my various musical projects, and that Chris and No Sleep have enough faith in me to bring me aboard the roster. It’s a dream come true, in the realest way.

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Author: Laurel Labryn

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