Attack Your Anxiety Attack

Anxiety disorders have become more common especially in teenagers. Anxiety disorders affect 25 percent of all teens and 30 percent of all teen girls. Set off by the smallest circumstances, the dreadful feeling of no control is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Anxiety attacks are all in the mind, and it’s the person’s job to convince its own mind that whatever its feeling is not real. With a little help from the body itself, here are some tips on how to overcome an anxiety attack.

Get Out Of The Spotlight

At any random moment, an anxiety attack can creep up on someone. A good way to ease the uncomfortable feeling coming on is; remove yourself from wherever you are. If you are around people, go somewhere quiet, and peaceful. This will eliminate the feeling of being watched and will help to calm the body down.

Go Outside

If you are stuck inside somewhere, get out. The pleasure of fresh air touching your skin, traveling from your nose and mouth, and eventually to the rest of your body is consoling.

Take A Seat

Once you have found a place to relax and calm down, have a seat. Standing while having an anxiety attack can lead to tunnel vision, nausea, and a great deal of pressure on the body. Sitting down not only makes you feel better physically, but mentally as well.


The most common side effect of an attack is feeling like you can’t breathe. Breathing slowly through the mouth, and out the nose can be helpful. Counting while breathing will also help to focus on overcoming your painful fear. Once catching your breath is done, you should slowly start to feel better, and more in control.

Slow Motion

Moving slowly while sitting, is a useful tool. Holding your hands to your face, and rocking your body from side to side, will begin to make your body feel content. The rocking side to side sends a trigger that will open up the memory of being rocked to sleep by a parent or grandparent. Unlocking this memory can give a sense of happiness or satisfaction.

Have A Drink

It is natural to feel hot flashes during an episode. Cool off with a glass of cold water. Even wiping your face with cold water will help. Controlling your temperature can also help control your mind.

Talk To Yourself

The only person who understands how you feel is you. Therefore, the only person who can really help you get through this is you. You are the key to your own mind. Talking to yourself is a crucial step. Tell yourself what you want to hear. Singing a song, or even repeating a word over and over. Telling yourself that this attack “isn’t real” over and over, will make you believe it’s not.

Try to Focus

As hard as it may seem, you need to focus. Just like anything can trigger your attack, focusing on one thing will make it go away. Focus on your breathing, on a word, or something you see around you. Think of something that makes you extremely happy and doesn’t take your mind off of it.

Use Your Bad Habit To Benefit You

Sometimes the actions you do can be quite satisfying. For example, if you happen to be a smoker, and your place your middle finger and pointer finger on your lips as if your smoking, could support your psyche. Even nail biters, if you place your fingers on your lips as if you’re about to bite your nails, can put you at peace.

Call Someone

If all else fails, and nothing seems to make you feel like your normal self, call someone who you are with all the time. Reach out to someone that you know will make you smile. Your mom, boyfriend, or grandma, just confide in them. Most of the time you don’t even have to say anything, just hearing their voice can send a burst of happiness to your brain, and bring you back to reality.

Author: Daliah Bell

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