Dream Gang Review: Psychedelic And Metaphoric

Illustrating the psyche during REM sleep, with the use of vivid psychedelic colors to further demonstrate the episodes of life, Brendan McCarthy, co-writer and designer of “Mad Max Fury Road,” delivers a dose of realization and consciousness through his artistic graphic novel “Dream Gang.”

The opening of “Dream Gang” is similar to an RPG game, as you slowly uncover the past of the main character, a young man who lives in a repetitive colorless life, who drifts into an unhinged dream one night, encountering a group of ‘dream voyagers’ who can travel across dreams and repressed memories. Together, as the Dream Gang, they’ll discover an entity and expose its malicious plans for the dream world.

In comparison to the adventurous LSD trip in “Alice in Wonderland,” McCarthy’s style of illustration places the readers into a crafty perspective of a dream, identifying the real world, as a dull black and white and the dream world as a bright, eccentric fantasy. McCarthy takes readers on a journey by leaving a trail of symbolic imagery throughout his comic to allow readers to have fun depicting the storyline and relating their own stages of life with “Dream Gang.”

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Author: Barbara Lam

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