KCC Talks: Do You Judge Professors Who Have Tattoos Differently?

A stigma was created generations ago; tattoos were the mark of a prisoner or sailor. Now it has become a trend, one that spans across culture, ethnicity, gender, age and profession. A student may enroll in a class in Kingsborough Community College where even the professor is tattooed.
Do you judge professors who have tattoos differently?
“No, they’re just people. I have tattoos, I don’t like to be judged. You can’t tell what a person is like by their physical appearance.” – Heather Velebas, 46, Business Administration
“I haven’t had any professors who have tattoos but I don’t think I would. I love tattoos. I don’t have any because religiously, I’m not allowed to. I love the art, the way it looks, so I wouldn’t judge.”
– Christina Marentek, 21, Liberal Arts
“No I don’t, it’s becoming a norm right now. I have tattoos, my girlfriend does, both my parents and my grandparents. I have one of my date of birth and a bible.”
– Stephen Cremona, 20, Criminal Justice
“Not really, they’re just normal people. If they have tattoos they’re not going to be any different from someone without tattoos.”
–Johnthomas Lazaro, 18, Biology
“I actually respect them more because I feel like tattoos have different symbolisms. It’s good for people in professional settings to have tattoos because it brings diversity and I really like that.”
– Maria Obmachkina, 19, Liberal Arts

Author: Laurel Labryn

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