KCC Talks: What is Your Wake-Up Jam and Why?

Plato once famously said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Whether your morning begins with biscuits and gravy or egg whites and yogurt, music is what puts you in the right mindset for the whole day. Either you are a morning person or a night owl. You might prefer upbeat hip-hop, rhythmic reggae or sentimental salsa while your neighbor would wake you up with brutal heavy metal.

In this edition of KCC talks, we talk to KCC students to find out what music gets them going in the morning.

“I don’t have anything specific I listen to. But I listen to a variety of genres such as Hip-Hop, Trap, Electronic, Trends, R&B. Honestly, anything that sounds good. This morning I listened to this song called ‘Run Away’ by Galantis. It is very, I’d say, the heartwarming song about two people meeting together, finding a significant other and bonding with them. I think it is a beautiful way to start a day, honestly. I think when you listen to the music and you are actually trying to concentrate on it – on the lyrics, the melody, the rhythm, the beat, it takes you away to another world. Not literally, of course, you know what I mean,” said Eric Mei, 22, Biology.

“I listened to Black Sabbath this morning. I usually bike over here, I have an eight-a.m. class so this is a good way to wake up before I start my class. It’s usually rock. But sometimes I take it completely opposite way – sometimes it is super pop. Like last week I listened to a lot of Katy Perry when I biked here. It depends on how much coffee I had. If I’m already kind of awake I’d go with something a little bit softer, but if I hadn’t had my coffee yet, you need something to get that blood flowing,” said Joseph Horowitz, 18, Marine Tech.

“It definitely depends on the mood. Lately, I have been really digging the song called ‘Can I Be Him’ by James Arthur. I like very emotional music because it kind of empathizes with the people and kind of put yourself in other people’s shoes or putting other people in those shoes. It is like making scenarios in your head for the rest of the day. Anything emotional. I even listened to the song ‘Suicide’ by James Arthur. It is nothing terrible. You kind of want to figure out where your day is going. Not necessarily in a negative way but just finding the pain in someone else to brighten your day,” said Amanda Lau, 20, Mental Health.

“I like Yo-Yo Ma. It’s relaxing to start a day. He plays the violin, it keeps me calm. There are no lyrics but it is relaxing. I just put on my YouTube playlist, I play until it stops and then I get ready and go to work. Also, ‘Move You’ by Kelly Clarkson and “You Will Win” by Jekalyn Carr. It is motivational,” said Celis Hinds, 26, Biology.

“I don’t like to listen to the music in the morning, to be honest, I just like having a quiet morning so I can organize my thoughts. I prefer to sit outside, drink my coffee, listening to sounds of my backyard, I guess,” said Thomas Donovan, 25, Computer Science.

Author: Svitlana Kovalenko

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