10 Best Batman Villains

Over the years, the Caped Crusader has protected the citizens of Gotham City from god knows what. Crawling out of the dark abyss, sewers, having a mental breakdown or just the need to kill people, these are the men, women and creature that never gave the big bat a break. Here are the top 10 best Batman villains.

10: Poison Ivy: Can you say Mother Nature? This sexy redhead controls the vines of the earth with her own blood fused with toxic plants. This eco-terrorist desires to replace the human race with her precious babies (plants). Ivy first appeared in 1963 Batman #181. Her seductive matters manage to manipulate whoever comes to her path. She was the first villainess to come between the dynamic duo, bat and the Boy Wonder.

9: Riddler: “Riddle me this, Batman,” Edward Nygma or better known as the Riddler first appeared in Batman Detective Comics #140. This brain teaser narcissist is obsessed with the hope of stumbling the bat in of his puzzles to prove his true superior intelligence. The Riddler is one of Batman villains who commits nonviolent crimes against citizens, which most villains won’t do.

8: Penguin: The bird that can’t fly, or walk much at least not without his cane. The short Oswald Cobblepot or The Penguin, limping man with bird-like features was abandoned as a child by parents to rot in the sewers of Gotham City, certainly not a face only a mother could love. First introduced in 1941 Batman Detective Comics #58, the Penguin has many businesses only to cover up for his underground crimes.

7: Mr. Freeze: It suddenly got cold in here. Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries) first appearing in 1959 Batman #121, after wife Nora becomes ill, freeze becomes devoted to finding a cure.

6: Scarecrow: “Would you like to see my mask?” Ever wonder if therapists are just as insane as their patients? Well, this doctor has gone mad. Dr. Jonathan Crane by day and the Scarecrow by night. First appearing in 1941 World’s Finest Comics #3, an employee of Arkham Asylum who terrorizes his victims by causing them to hallucinate by using their own fear against them. The fear toxin is a huge factor in scarecrow’s crime.

5: Catwoman: If you feel like your wallet is missing, it is. This master thief not only stole the show in the 2012 Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises, she steals Batman’s heart. Selina Kyle or Catwoman has a love-hate relationship with the Bat since 1940 first appearing in Batman #1.

4: Two-Face: Literally the man with two faces. First appearing in 1942 Batman Detective Comic #66, as once district attorney Harvey Dent had an unfortunate deformity appearing on this face, Dent suffered from a mental breakdown. Enraged he becomes Two-Face and decides his victim’s faith with a flip of a coin.

3: Bane: Gigantic, scary and a whole lot of steroids. This freakish huge brawler is better known as Bane: the man who broke the bat. First appearing in 1993 Batman: The Vengeance of Bane #1, this brick wall is Batman’s most physically superior foe. Bane’s source of power comes from a toxic called Venom, which gives him his big muscular build. He’s going to need the brawn for his plan to take over Gotham’s underworld.

2: Ras Al Ghul: This stealth criminal is the man who started it all. The man who made the bat. The leader of the League of Assassins appeared in 1971 Batman #232. Al Ghul teaches Bruce Wayne the ways of how to show no mercy to those who deserve it, but Bruce refuses. Their differences come between them, which starts this battle. Al Ghul even sends daughter Talia Al Ghul to finish his unfinished work.

1: The Joker: “Let’s put a smile on that face”- a line that will certainly give you chills. The psychotic green haired pale face clown is the bat is most popular and remember-able villain. The “Clown Prince of Crime” first appeared in 1940 Batman #1, kidnap, hijack and even murdering the boy wonder (Robin) at some point in the comic book series, are just a few of Joker’s crimes. Many of Batman’s villains perform their little stunts of the bat and the Joker puts on a show.

Author: Selena Guzman

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