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After re-enrolling at Kingsborough in 2015, Lillian Collazo walked through the Career Services’ door at Kingsborough Community College with a new attitude to not only reevaluate her career goals, but to find herself.

Attending college is a stressful time, with the strain of college courses and the pressure of choosing a career path that is realistic and pays the bills. Collazo knows this better than anyone and lucky for her, she had a place that could address all of her concerns. Located in C102, the Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning allows students to take their first major steps in planning a career path.

“I believe that our goal is to help students build their professional profile and put them in the proper direction career-wise, major wise, and to make sure they are better prepared for the real world,” adjunct career advisor, Bridget Ofori stated.

Career services are the place to get a résumé checked before a job interview. Mock interviews provide students with the real-life experience in preparing to land a job. Networking is an effective tool that students are taught and to have a good presentation of oneself during job fairs.

Flyers for the Career Services Center are located all over the campus of workshops that target different situations. Internships 101 and the Resume-athon is are popular amongst students who are looking for employment.

The Director of Career Services, Marisa Joseph is responsible for planning events like job fairs, real-world visits, and on-campus recruitment. Other responsibilities include the power to oversee the staff and making sure the day runs smoothly.

“We assist students with the career exploration process as well. If a student is unsure of what they want to do long-term for their career, we can help them with that,” Joseph said.

Advisors assist in the search for employment opportunities, but to help students develop career goals with individual counseling. Students who are unsure of where to start can utilize career assessments. Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs are used as a guide to finding careers based on interests and personality.

Internships open doors for students. Many of them are not paid opportunities but they build up one’s network and is something to put on one’s résumé. An eye-catching résumé can grab an employer’s attention.

“Let’s say you don’t have a résumé.” Kyla Hendy, adjunct career advisor said. “We help you build from nothing so that once you leave here you’re able to achieve so much more.”

Real world visits are an opportunity for students to observe the inner workings of organizations or potential career paths. They will learn what these companies do on an everyday basis, get a tour of the facility, and ask questions.

Targeting the tech-savvy, students can also apply online directly on Career Wave. Applying online eliminates some of the fear of rejection when looking for a job in person. Career Wave is a contributing tool to expanding one’s network that can result in new career opportunities.

Career Services has proven to be a viable choice to go in time of academic need. Student success stories can be found on the official Kingsborough website under Career Development Center.

“I have more doors open than I realize and a clearer head on my shoulders. The Career Development Center is a hidden treasure at KBCC,” Collazo stated on the Kingsborough website. “I am so happy that I decided to walk into the office and ask about their services.”

Joseph stresses that it’s never too late to be career ready and more importantly life ready. Waiting until the last minute is not an option to work on a résumé or receive counseling about a realistic career path.

“I think that television glorifies certain careers,” Joseph said. “At the end of the day the student has to be satisfied with what they want to do, so it is important to be educated about that field you want to get into.”

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Author: Dayanara Analuisa

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