Officer Dieudonne Appreciates the Safety and Home of KCC

In the four years that Officer Cyrus Dieudonne has been at Kingsborough, he’s seen fights, scandals and outright ridiculous scenarios. His job is to be seen and unseen- to be as unnoticeable yet essential as the pillars that hold up the cafeteria. Officer Dieudonne, or DD, as he is known colloquially, does not always adhere to these rules. Students know him by his 5’7” frame and musical Haitian accent. He almost never stands still- he paces up and down the school’s campus and usually greets students and staff on his rounds. His hand reflexively grabs his walkie-talkie when he’s making a point.

Dieudonne’s days are often long ones, but according to him KCC and CUNY are a wonderful place to work and he’s excited for the future.

Author: Kiara Clarke-Knight

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