KCC Talks: What Makes a Professor Great?

Aristotle once said, “Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” From the moment a child takes their first breath, they never stop learning. First, they learn how to crawl, then eventually start to walk, and by 18 months they begin to speak.

By the time they are four, they are put in preschool and for the next 14 years, up until adulthood, education and teachers will be a major part of their life.

In this edition of KCC Talks, we find out what students think makes a professor a special one.

“A good professor is someone who has the ability to understand a student better than the student can understand themselves at that moment. It’s someone who can see where the student is at and helps them get to where they can be.” – Dean Glykas, Maritime Technology.

“I like that here, the professors are understanding, they’re patient and realistic. Professors sometimes fail to understand that students have lives outside of campus. A lot of us work and go to school full time, but I found that my professors dealt with these issues better than others.” – Fanha Khan, Human Resources.

“For me, a great professor is someone who takes the time to address the issues and needs for each individual student and make sure they understand the content that is being taught.” –Shannon Hollingshead, Culinary Arts.

“A great professor makes a student fall in love with the subject. It’s not about learning something just to pass an exam but to make them interested in it. That’s the most important thing.” –Irakli Shelamberidie, Pharmacy Tech.


“I like teachers that lecture using power points and take the time to review the topic and make sure everyone understands before moving on.” –Aqiang Qiu, Accounting


Author: Rebecca Baez

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