To The Moon And Back: Bath & Body Works New Earth Inspired Fragrance

Out of the five senses, the smell is one of the more prominently used among humans. Popular retailer Bath & Body Works uses this fact to appeal to its customers. With the scents of fresh jasmine flowers, coconut, lime and freshly squeezed lemon, it’s no surprise how quickly their products fly off of the shelves. A new fragrance line inspired by the natural occurrences of the Earth is the cause of Bath & Body Works’ customers’ latest obsession. The Moonstone fragrance is responsible for taking customers into an island like oasis of peace and serenity.

The bottle is petite, topping in at just six fluid ounces. Wrapped with a shiny silk-like paper, the bottle alone can catch anyone’s eye under the bright recessed lighting in the store. The overall appearance is geared towards customers who prefer a light and airy scent that still has a bold kick to it. A gigantic blue and purple holographic stone grace the center of the bottle, while a rounded dome-like top makes it good for gripping. The petiteness of the bottle allows for easy travel as it is small enough to throw in a cosmetic bag or a regular handbag and not take up a gigantic amount of space. A clear, plastic cap rimmed with a copper lining also adds a sense of security for a no-spill fragrance.

The scent is a mixture of lunar musk, bergamot, and muguet. It’s no denying that at first read, most customers are not familiar with these scents. For those who may not know, bergamot is a citrus fruit, muguet is known as the Lily Of The Valley, and lunar musk is typically a jasmine floral scent. Though strong, all of these notes are still feminine and are good to channel for stress release.

At first spray, there is a strong alcohol like scent that lingers for five to ten seconds. The scent of the alcohol alone can be extremely overpowering and is an easy way to turn off most customers from buying. After ten seconds the fragrances start to tickle your nose. The top notes are floral, musk and citrus, however, they do not arrive in that order. As soon as the alcohol dies down, you are hit with first with the scent of the lunar musk and citrus. The combination provides a sweet scent, similar to grapefruit and vanilla spice. As the scent starts to settle, the notes of jasmine start to appear and linger longer on the skin along with the musk. Unfortunately, the citrus fades away very quickly.

This product is perfect for everyday wear. You can smell it on you as it does not react with your body chemistry, leaving the scent exactly how it was sprayed on. It is also a spray that lasts for hours. It is highly annoying to purchase a high-end perfume for hundreds of dollars only to have it last less than five minutes. With the Moonstone fragrance, you can spray it three times in the morning and it will last a good four to five hours, through sweat and all.

This fragrance retails for $13.50 and has a matching body lotion and shower gel to it. Inspired to keep customers calm, tranquil and peaceful, the Moonstone fragrance is what anyone will need after a long day at the office, an excruciating workout or when some rest and relaxation is needed. Bath and Body Works, you have done it again, finding a way to win not just our hearts, but our peace of mind too.

Author: Naosha Gregg

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