Top 10 Rick and Morty Characters That Aren’t Rick or Morty

Aw, geez. How is an article about Rick and Morty characters including every character but Rick and Morty going to be interesting? The truth it, there are many underappreciated characters in the show that do not go by those names, you may be surprised.

10)  “I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!” The iconic lines are spoken by the lovable blue Meeseeks (though they only really appear in one episode, disregarding cameos) are some of the most well known in the show. Though they do appear very early in the show’s history (season 1, episode 4) they are still important as an overall introduction to some of the characters to be seen later and the plots to develop in future episodes, they set the tone.

9) Sleepy Gary: Though his role is relatively small in the scheme of the show, seeing as he also only appears in one episode in season 2 (“Total Rickall”), Sleepy Gary is a hilariously memorable character. He also seems to have an especially deep effect on Jerry’s relationship with Beth, as well as Beth’s with Jerry. Though he has a small part, he does drive that portion of the plot forward.

8) Cronenbergs: Dimension C-137 where the Rick and Morty that the show generally follows are from, is overtaken by disgusting looking creatures called Cronenbergs in “Rick Potion Number 9.” This happens very early on in the course of the show, and yet, it’s really the first time the viewer really understands the full scope of the multiverse, and how many dimensions there are within it.

7) The President: The President in Rick and Morty reverses roles in the finale of season 3, going from asking the pair for help to becoming the episode’s main villain. He is, in general, a comedic character, and doesn’t always entirely think things through, though he does attempt to do what he thinks is right.

6) Mr. Poopybutthole: Until he gets shot by Beth, there is seemingly no end to the optimism of Mr. Poopybutthole. He is an incredibly upbeat character, often spewing out catchphrases and cheering up the Smith family.

5) Birdperson: Birdperson, or now, Phoenixperson is a very stoic sounding character who is in fact, very kind-hearted. He ended up marrying Tammy, Summer’s high school best friend but was killed at the end of season 2, causing much distress among the fans.

4) Jerry Smith: It bears mentioning that all the Smith family excluding the main two characters do deserve to be on this list. Jerry is often a rather confused character, though he does generally mean well. He loves his family very much, and they are the main focus of his life. Most things he does, he does to support them, and though he often doesn’t succeed, it is why he is on this list.

3) Beth Smith: Beth Smith is a great character, who goes through a lot of changes throughout the seasons, though she never doubts that her father loves her. She is a responsible mother to Morty and Summer, though she does often neglect to see the similarities between she and her father (such as drinking problems and anger issues).

2) Summer Smith: Summer Smith is arguably the most developed and dynamic character on the show. Of everyone, she goes through the most changes and has the biggest personality shifts. She holds a good relationship with most everyone in her family, and is in most ways, an average seventeen-year-old girl. However, in episodes such as “Morty’s Mindblowers” in season 3, Summer comes to the rescue when Rick and Morty are about to kill themselves; she tranquilizes them, and convinces them that they overslept a show on intergalactic television, then proceeds to get yelled at by the pair, proving that she is much more than just Morty’s older sister in many situations.

1) Evil Morty: It may seem odd to have Evil Morty on this list, considering the title, though, he is an alternate ego of the original or main Morty, and therefore, he makes the list. Evil Morty is the epitome a compelling and mysterious character, and though he may seem very well put together, the reality is he clearly has something bigger in store for the show, having just taken over the Council of Ricks. Though he is an antagonist, he deserves the number one spot on this list for adding so much depth to the show and what it holds in the future.

Author: Shannon Pagdon

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