The Walking Dead 178 Review: New Avenues to Explore

For nearly fifteen years, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard have been creating cliffhangers, unforgettable characters, and remarkable artwork as fans devour their comic books on a monthly basis.  The most recent story arc in the comic book, New World Order has many interesting developments for the characters, and as per usual, the fans have no idea what direction it is going (though there are a number of theories).

Throughout the years of the comic, there have been a number of villains that commit crimes the audience cannot forget (most notably, issue 100). That being said, New World Order is keeping us guessing at the sinister underlying happenings at the newly introduced community, the Commonwealth. Everything so far is being implied, which in a sense, throws the reader back to a sense of the Governor’s community, though it’s a guessing game at this point in time.

As always, Adlard’s art is the framework for Kirkman’s storyline, the two compliment each other in a delightful way. Issue 178 has taken the comic in a distinct direction. It’s an impressive feat that despite the hundreds of pages the two have drawn together, all of the things they show manage to take us in a completely different direction than before. This is made more impressive by the relatively recent flourish of zombie fans, yet, The Walking Dead always shows complex and innovative situations new to the reader.

Issue 178 opens a number of new dialogues not just for the audience, but between the characters themselves. It begins in the heart of the action and ends in the same way, truly adding to the anticipation that will keep readers on their toes for the next few weeks. The issue is engaging and suspenseful and the creators are not only catering to the wants of the new fans but the older ones as well, it is a satisfying balance of both.

Though it sometimes feels too short or like not enough happens in an issue, issue 178 does a lovely job of juggling action, implications, and even some necessary more mundane activities.

Author: Shannon Pagdon

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