KCC Talks: How is Kingsborough Helping You Accomplish Your Dreams?

A great way to ensure success is to anticipate challenges you might face in the future and prepare for them beforehand. No one said it would easy- but as the saying goes, there is a silver lining behind every dark cloud.

Going back to school can be a tough decision for some, but it also opens doors. As one of the mantras at Kingsborough Community College, “Dreams Become Reality,” with the right drive and passion. Considering that, the KCC Wavewire students how Kingsborough is helping them accomplish their dreams.

How is Kingsborough helping you accomplish your dreams?

“I have learned new skills and techniques and my mind is now open to things that I have never experienced. Cooking is something I don’t do at home and here I do it and I really enjoy doing it. Maybe I can be a chef after I gain my experience whether it is cooking or pastry making.” Rashema Clarke, Culinary Arts, 20.


“Here at Kingsborough are activities and clubs such as The Student Wellness Centre, Women’s Club, and Career Centre etc. These centers help me in my social and educational aspect of life.

“I get information about the various resources available and hands experience which is very vital.” Nicole Giordano, Mental health, 26.


“Kingsborough provides the classes I need to achieve my goals and it is also close to where I live. The professors are really helpful and give me the information that I need.” Joseph Meneses, Computer Science, 20.


“For me, Kingsborough is a good starter school, it gets me on the right track and the people are more open. I see it as being beneficial in helping me gain knowledge into whatever field that I decided to go into.

“At the moment I’m not sure but at least I would have an idea as time goes by.” Gabrielle Rodriguez, Liberal Arts, 21 years.


“Well at present I am in the Nursing Program and everything seems to going well. The faculty is awesome and I have gained a lot of knowledge about the health field. I have also developed more passion for nursing because the professor takes her time to explain.

“I was not sure about doing nursing but the hands-on experience are really worth it.” Pamela Caesar, Nursing, 31.

Author: Vickie Blackman

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