KCC Talks: Who is the Best Baseball Player in NY?

When the topic of New York’s best baseball player is being discussed, you’d expect to hear the names Gehrig or Babe Ruth. But it appears that there are some new greats according to the people of Kingsborough Community College.

People now are very familiar with one of the New York Yankees all-time greats, Derek Jeter. But there still are those other people that believe there’s someone else that’s the best baseball player in New York.

“I think the best baseball player in New York is Aaron Judge. He’s the most consistent, five-tool player, very good on both sides of the field.” –Bruno Bavaro, 20, Liberal Arts major



“The best baseball player in New York is Derek Jeter, he’s the true captain of the Yankees.” –James Barasch, 19, Liberal Arts major



“Derek Jeter because he’s a legend in this industry.” –Lennox Coleman, 22, Criminal Justice major





“I think the best baseball player in New York is Mark Teixeira. He’s a very good baseball player and can bat from both sides of the plate.” –Fabian Archilla, 19, Business major





“I’m a Mets fan so I’m going to pick someone on the Mets. It’s Syndergaard. He’s my favorite player right now. My all-time favorite was Nolan Ryan, I watched him pitch when I was a little boy, he burned it.” –Billy Cochran, Kingsborough college library worker




“Aaron Judge. I think he’s a team player. He goes for home runs a lot. However, he needs to learn how to go for base hits also. I think he adds a lot what Derek Jeter used to give to the Yankees. He has the same type of personality.” –Eric Rothenburg, accounting and economics professor




“Jeter. He wasn’t too cocky about himself. He’s still recognized more and has his number out there more. –Johnny Vieals, 20, Liberal Arts major

Author: Michael Hicks

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