2019 Tribeca Film Festival Coverage: Hard-Ish Bodies Review: Fun

No matter how much your body will cringe, your eyes will not be able to tear itself away from the screen in Mike Carreon’s short film “Hard-ish Bodies.” This short film is something that could traumatize you for life or could be the cure to a bad day. From the dramatic introduction of the close up scene of a fascinating beard to the strip scene that will be burned into the brains of the audience, the film was well thought out for those who need a few laughs. It can also be a great representation for all things body positive and pride in self-esteem.

The focal point on uplifting male positivity about their bodies may have not been the goal, but it definitely became an aspect and one of the main focus of the film. In one of Carreon’s interview on Hard-ish Bodies’ official site, he states, “Growing up, no one told me that I had permission to love myself just the way I am. It was the opposite. I was made fun of for being too fat, too short, too loud, and the list goes on. As a way to build up my defenses, I turned to comedy.”

Carreon’s defense mechanism makes it easier to understand why he would cast himself as the protagonist. The protagonist being a plus-size stripper who has to dance his way out of a dangerous situation after knocking on the wrong door. Showing the audience that confidence in oneself can potentially help get you out of sticky situations.

The comedy throughout the film is unavoidable. The shock and unexpected reaction from the kidnapper after the protagonist show off his stripper moves and the choice made to show the process of the stripper returning to the strip club is calculated well enough to keep you amused and curious on what is going to happen next. Carreon’s vision to promote body positivity, as well as input cringe comedy was planned out and executed insightfully enough to get his point across and to make a few people’s days with just an eight-minute film.

Author: Erica Deberry

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