Have The Jets Gone From Coach to First Class?

The Jets have begun to rebuild themselves with their young quarterback and offseason signings, as well as a new GM. Along with on-field performance, a new look is being implemented as well. These uniforms will be worn throughout the 2019-20 season. Furthering the idea of a fresh start with questionable designs, are they too much? Or not enough? Today New Yorkers will tell all about how they feel toward these new threads.

“Oh, I haven’t seen them yet actually but I’ve heard everyone talking about them.”

Chris Thomas, 31, Burgers & Fries

“They look like the Eagles uniforms, but I didn’t like their last ones so.”

Lynn Adair 51 Project Manager

“They look better than the Steelers Bumblebee ones!”

Tammy Adair 49 unemployed

“I think they’re a great eclectic way to bring back that old feel of football, that grit. It has a simplicity to it that allows people to connect to the color and the spirit of NYC.”

Isaiah Batts, 25, part-time Construction

“I think they look like Power Rangers. It’s simple, so I guess you could say that it’s an improvement in the sense that it’s just a very simple design. But, the Jets traditionally suck so their uniforms should traditionally suck. So it kind of makes sense for them.”

Jessie Alava, 30, Construction

Photos by Vincent Estrella

Author: Vincent Estrella

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