KCC Celebrates Mother’s Day

Waking your mother up on the second Sunday of May to a handful of gifts is almost every person’s goal as an adult since childhood. The accomplishment of creating a smile and joyful tears for your mother has to be a heartwarming feeling. The community at Kingsborough have diverse and unique ways in which they spend holidays such as Mother’s Day. Regardless of how the students and faculty at Kingsborough chose to honor their mothers on her special day, the message was still received.

“On Mother’s Day, I just brought my mother flowers and went mosque to pray with her. This year I didn’t do anything too crazy, but she enjoyed it.” Adam Aythh, Liberal Arts, 18.

“We didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day this year. We usually don’t. We agreed not to. Instead, we bought a cake and cut it together. That’s about it.” Tabarka Tamkin, Liberal Arts, 19.

“My mother isn’t really fond of going out and celebrating. We spent time in the house together for the day and cooked. Nothing too big.” Veronica Sherman, Health and Physical Education Professor.

“I called my mom and told her that she has a terrible daughter because I did not have time to get her anything. She didn’t mind. So I went online and purchased this journal where I can fill out 50 things I love and appreciate about her and once I’m done, I hope she likes it.” Jennifer Corby, History, Philosophy, and Political Science Professor.

“I brought my mother her favorite flowers, candles, and candies. I also took her out to eat at a Thai restaurant. We’ve both never experienced Thai food so I thought Mother’s Day would be the perfect opportunity to try something new together. It was great.” Thales Norzeus, Liberal Arts, 20.

Photos by Erica Deberry

Author: Erica Deberry

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