KCC Talks: What Will be the ‘Jam’ of the Summer?

With Summer around the corner and school ending, it means it’s time for the new summer “jam” to be decided. The Wavewire went around campus to see what everyone thinks is considered “The Jam of the Summer”

Ricardo Santiago, 18, Digital Design

“I think that the ‘Jam of the Summer’ should be Childish Gambino’s ‘Feels Like Summer’, because whenever I watch that video or even listen to the song, it makes me feel like the summer is gonna be memorable and adventurous- something I’ve always loved about Summertime.

Katryn Fontaine. 19. Physical Therapy

“I think the “Jam of the Summer” should be “Sunflower” by Post Malone, because Sunflowers remind me of the summer. They’re bright and beautiful and just so mesmerizing. That is what summer is all about- It’s bright and beautiful.”

Shani Kadosh. 22. Liberal Arts

“I think the “Jam of the Summer” is “That’s a Rack” by Lil Uzi Vert, because of the beat. It reminds me of Summer.”

John Johnson. 20. Liberal Arts.

“The “Jam of the Summer” is ‘Still 808’ by Deathgrips, because Deathgrips is the s***.”

Adeniyi Sapara. 20. Psychology.

“I think the “Jam of the Summer” is ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X, because he’s streaming into both genres- Hip Hop and Country- and he’s already on Billboard for Country, which means he’ll be on Billboard for both Hip Hop and Country and that’s gonna help his volume. The song is off the top, but it’s catchy and it’s funny. We need laughter now these days with everything going on in their world and this song does just that. I think it’s the “Jam of the Summer”. I like it!”

Author: Jaz Sampson

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