The Top 10 Female Rappers of 2019…So Far

“No, I’m not lucky I’m blessed yes!” Nicki Minaj’s spit in her “Moment For Life” song, but that’s what every performer is looking for, a moment to define their career. The self-proclaimed Queen of Rap now has a pack of new wave rappers coming for her spot. After having the crown for over 10 years Minaj may have fallen off and allowed others to take her spot at the number one hottest female artist for the year. Here’s our list of top-ten female rappers.

10: Remy Ma: Once Grammy-Nominated Reminisce Smith known by her stage name Remy Ma. After taking some time off to start a family with her rapper husband, the female lyricist is making her come back. She has released tracks with noticeable artist like Lil Kim and Husband Papoose. With her latest song having over 1 million views on streaming sites. 

9: Saweetie: The new girl on the block, she has one up on many artists as she’s a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree from USC. The rapper hit the scene with chart-topping single “Icy”. She’s currently in a relationship with Migo’s rapper Quavo, her relationship has made stock skyrocket. Using the buzz from her relationship Saweetie released her commercially successful EP. 

8: Bhad Bhabie: Probably the youngest on my list, the 16 years old rapper has been making strides to change her image. Known mostly for being the girl telling people to “Catch Me outside how bout that” the young artist is making hits after hits. Her song “Bestie” that once featured Kodak Black. Now features another on the rise artist Megan The Stallion. Although she had some success in 2018 after the release of her EP. Having big features with artists such as Tory Lanez and Kodak Black has put her on the map.

7: Asian Doll: At 21 years of age, the young rapper has gone through almost as many name changes as Diddy. The self-proclaimed Bratz doll has made noticeable strides to become a household name. Becoming the only female signed to rapper Gucci Mane’s label. The young artist has dropped mixtape after mixtape and has released some visuals. Her unique fashion style has also helped with building her fan base. 

6: Lil Kim: After taking a long break and going through phases of faces. The New York rapper is finally stepping back into the limelight. The rapper has been featured on music with counterpart Remy Ma. As well as cosigning up and coming artist like Dreamdoll and Cardi B. Even though she was once known as Queen Bee, the rapper now has to work to reclaim her crown. 

5: Kash Doll: Being on the come up for years, she’s finally getting the look that she’s been waiting for years to have. The 28 years old rapper has put out commercially successful EPs. The success of those EPs has made her BET nominated for the second year in the row. She also had noticeable beef with rapper Asian Doll. It prompted her to release hit song “Looking for Me” in which she throws multiple shots at the rapper. 

4: City Girls: The dynamic duo made up of rappers JT and Yung Miami, has made a name for themselves since the release of their first single “F*ck that N*igga.” The girls are known for being ratchet and telling females to always chase the bag instead of me and if you happen to need a man use him for the bag as well. The coined the phrase “Period!” and has girls and woman everywhere saying it. Although it was recently revealed that label mate Lil yachty wrote their hit song “Act Up”. They still are the rappers of one of the summer songs.

3: Megan The Stallion: Houston’s Hot Girl, has released a hit single titled “Big Ole Freak.” The song got her noticed by Drake and other big-name artists. Although she is signed she just released her EP “Fever” that has some of the summer’s hottest songs. The intro “Realer” is making waves on the radio nationwide. Megan who recently lost her mother, who was her inspiration for becoming a rapper. Has dedicated her career to remembering her and making her pride. She’s even enrolled at an HBCU in Texas for Health Administration. 

As we reached the end of the Top 10 let’s give noticeable mentions to all of the artists that are working hard to make a name but hasn’t made the list: Young Ma has been making hits since “Ouu” but has fallen off just a little bit. Tink, reclaiming her career after being signed she recently dropped an EP that shows off her vocals as well her bars. Now back to the list at hand, our final two can be easily guest but it may be hard to follow up. 

2: Nicki Minaj: After being only at the top for a decade. The Queen is no longer everyone’s go to rapper. After her last studio album “Queen” flopped, even her features have flopped as well. Nicki hasn’t released a song that had everyone screaming the lyrics yet. The rapper may have fallen off in a lot of people eyes but with the loyalty of her “Barbz”, she will forever chart. 

1: Cardi B: Cardi has had her foot on people’s neck since she first entered the game. Dropping consistently, she even beat all odds by having a baby and coming back still on top. She’s the only female since Lauryn Hill that has won a Grammy award. Her success didn’t happen overnight and she worked overtime to be able to release music full time. Her latest single is on DJ Khaled’s album critics are already calling it the song of the summer.

Author: Ayainna Miller

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