KCC Talks: Do Clothes Really Make the Man?

Clothing can come upon impressionable and important to most of society, its what represents the person itself and who they are. However, in Kingsborough Community College that can never really be the accurate case, because first impressions may not be what it seems.

Do Clothes Really Make the Man?

“If a boy is dressing nice, what it’s doing something it makes me more attracted and it’s like wow you’re dressing up.”

– Jasmine Almonte, 18, Nursing

 “Clothes do not make the man because in my situation I wear whatever and I sometimes get criticized. For me, I don’t really care what people wear like that’s on them, like let them live their lives, and I wear I want I’m not hurting anybody I’m just trying to live, doesn’t matter.”

– David Sanchez, 19, Biology

 “Wearing clothes is something that’s on your body, doesn’t really matter, as long as you have everything you need to be successful in life, clothes don’t matter and it’s just something that shows if you care what other people think about you.”  

– Samir Sadek, 18, Criminal Justice

“Not necessarily, not right now, because nowadays were open-minded what people wear, personally I feel clothes shouldn’t define what gender you are, we live in a world now there are more than two genders.”

– Azim Rakhmanov, 17, Film

Author: Michelle Minero

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