KCC Talks: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

When you walk around campus do you ever stop and think, what are my plans for my life. Do you plan to attend another college, want to start a family, or do you have no plan? What about after five years, do your plans get smaller or stay just as big?

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

“I see myself graduated, pursuing my major in forensic science at a four-year college, John Jay. I want to have my mindset with a clear path, unlike right now.” 

Jefferson Yanque, 23, Forensic Science

“I see myself as a teacher for children with special needs if not special needs children than children of younger youth. I would hopefully have a car and a house. ”

Rosalinda Mendez, 18, Childhood Education

“I see myself being in the police force to serve and protect the law. I want to get my associate’s degree and go straight to work.”

Saul Deleon, 23, Journalism

“I would finish at Kingsborough and move on to a four-year college, John Jay. I would want to have a house and become engaged and married to my girlfriend and start a family.”

Cesar Cedeno, 19, Criminal Justice.

“I will hopefully have a car with a house with some money in my pocket. Hopefully, I will be with my girlfriend and get my bachelor’s at Brooklyn College and start freelancing it being apart of a major corporation.”

Avdul Dumani, 18, Criminal Justice

Author: Jose Tirado

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