Earthadelik by Silvermouse: Otherworldly EDM

A person’s soul can be seen through their taste in music, with all the genres that exist you get a deeper dive to see what the rhythm is about. Silvermouse presents it very differently in his Earthadelik album through the combination of unlikely sounds to create something new, different and unique. 

Silvermouse represents what electronic music is about through his newest album in a form of storytelling. Artists always tend to tell a story through each of their songs. Silvermouse however does it differently, with no type of lyrics included but just beat to listen to carefully. It’s not for everyone because of how long each of the songs in the album are. It’s also not very relatable, so it’s difficult to be able to connect to it. But like any other album the first song usually introduces what to expect and it carries that well all the way to the end. 

Electric and alienated are the type of sounds you would hear if you’re being brought into an unknown space like environment. There are different beats like clapping, maracas, drums, guitar. For all of it to sound anonymous and even corrupted, adding to the motion of the story its trying to tell, a space abduction perhaps. It’s a very trippy feeling. There are also hints of echoes, deep bubbly sounds, it sounds like a sheet of metal is flapping. Every song continues into the next song to where it left off. The noises low-key and subtlety transform into the new beats. It makes you think of an adventure happening in space, where everything is scary in the beginning where it builds up to warmth and action. A deep continuous drop base is in the background to add oomph into the rhythm which makes it consistent. 


Background music. Great for background music if you’re working on something, like homework, projects, etc. 

Unique. It stands out for how different it is, it’s interesting and consistent. The beats make up a story on your head. 

Album Cover. The artistry truly connects to the music. All the details in it matter because its earth elements being spread into the space world. 


This album is not a go to. Not a song you would go to if you’re going outside, trying to get into an upbeat mood or just jam out with your friends in a hangout. Not too diverse. It’s hard to connect or relate to which is a lot of what people look for now. 

Final Thoughts:

The artist most defiantly reaches its goal to represent a storytelling plot through the rhythm of his beats, it’s different and it really makes you want to pay attention to where every song leads, every minute is a surprise. However, the reach may be difficult because it’s not flexible music you would go to if you had the choice to listen on a daily basis. It’s more like listen to it once and appreciate its type of reach. 

Author: Michelle Minero

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