Obsidian By Syd Silvair: Tranquil

Syd Silvair’s first single, “Obsidian”, off of her upcoming EP was released on October 25, she captures a dreamy sound that has you drifting away into a state of tranquility. 

Obsidian opens with a serene harmonizing synth progression that disarms your emotions. It taps into the suppressed fears and anxiety tucked away in your subconscious, it pulls them into the forefront as the songs build up the tension. 

Silvair sings with a mystical tone that soothes the ears as she guides us through this emotional journey. 

“I sent myself to oblivion 
She said honey you’ve been warned 
But I let the wisdom wither away and I crawled back to your bed 
I can’t help but listen lying awake when the voices in my head 
Are always calling for you Are you the curse or are you the cure.” 

Silvair dives into the unknown headfirst. Not letting her intuition dictate her decisions as she lets her temptations and emotions guide her through the oblivion. The voice inside of her head warns her that this may be a bad idea. Yet she chooses not to fight her allurement and wants to find out if her desires for spiritual freedom will be her curse or her cure. 

The lyrics perfectly match the mysterious contrast of dark spacy synth tones with upbeat guitar riffs. She focused on the theme of the lack of assurance within oneself, that it can be terrifying but also an adrenaline rush. Silvair brilliantly creates this effect with her sound and mirrors it with her lyrics. The tension is then released as the composition opens up into the chorus. She is saying that whatever path you take it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re free emotionally and not bound by your fears. She draws her inspiration for this track from tarot cards specifically the moon card and is the artwork on the cover of the single. The moon card in a tarot deck when faced upright represents illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, intuition and when reversed means release of fear, repressed emotion and inner confusion. She manages to encapsulate the essence of this card into a beautifully composed four-minute track. The track has ‘70s pop and psychedelic influences with its otherworldly vibe. 

Overall, the tracks introspective lyrics and sound is a breath of fresh air. The track is a strong introduction to a new artist with an interesting and unique style. 


Cover Art. Creative and original Silvair ties the themes from the moon card in elegant interpretation that shows off her personality and style. 

Composition. Silvair lets the instrumental breath like you’re coming down from a high. It isn’t something many artists do but it pays off for her and when she slides back in and hits that final chorus it gives you chills. It’s not just a song but an experience that feels like it ends prematurely. 

Identity. Silvair personality drips off of this track. She gives us a piece of her enough to have us coming back for more. 


Lack of a 3rd verse. It would have been appreciated if she had added a third verse instead of repeating the chorus. It would have put this track on the next level. 

Final Thoughts: 

Silvair is talented and has an infectious voice. Though this may be her first-ever track released on streaming platforms, she comes across mature in her writing and seems to have a strong production team to match her passion.

Author: Saul DeLeon

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