Realizations During COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has reached the United States people have been panicked and cautious when they step out of their homes. Citizens in Florida and South Carolina were asked their opinion about the current state of the country based on what they’ve seen so far.

What is something you’ve realized during this COVID-19 pandemic?

“People tend to panic more than just think out the situation, you know? Just calm down, rethink it. Just say ‘Trump is just trying to protect us because he cares’ so calm down and relax. A lot of people, and now I’m not saying I believe this, but a lot of people are believing that [this pandemic] is man-made.” said Rachel, Airbnb Host, Miami Florida.

“People are going crazy and they don’t handle things well. I think it’s very exaggerated and I think we’re going to be okay.” said Melody, Waitress.

“All I think is how we have to be careful. We have to keep washing our hands and watching out for each other. Caution and caution, that’s all.” said Marisuel, Cashier, Taqueria Sanchez, Florida.

“Everybody’s wearing gloves. Everybody. And even if they have gloves on, they’re opening the door with their elbow. I’m doing the extra precautions and stuff like that but I say leave it up to God.” said Samantha, Gas Station Clerk, Shell, South Carolina.

Author: Catherine Vladimirov

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