Video Games: Just Fun, or Violence Inspiring?

Are video games responsible for mass shootings? Scepter asks CUNY and other NYC academic faculty, as well as students to find out. 

“I feel like what is depicted in video games is very much realistic at this point and it’s a way of bringing out aggression in a nonholistic way. I think what they use in video games is what they use in real life, so yes I do think that video games are responsible for mass shootings,” said Harsh Menta, 27, Assistant Director at NYIT. 

“Partially because of the violence in the game and the influence it has over the kids that don’t have better parenting at home and people to encourage them to do positive things and follow different rules,” said Ryan Maughm, 43, Psych Coordinator for High School Students District 75. 

“It may be a little influential to the violence but I wouldn’t say it’s a reason. I would say peer pressure and personal stuff going on at home. Sometimes that person is not getting enough attention. Maybe they’re trying to get something out and don’t know-how. I think that’s more of a reason. It’s not easy to pinpoint everybody’s reason for violence. There can be many reasons such as bullying, peer pressure or a little bit of everything,” said L. Robin Nelson, 60, CUNY Administrative Assistant. 

“No, because I’m a gamer myself and playing the game is just like watching movies so I don’t feel like video games are responsible for that. Pressure in households and other things that can cause people to snap but definitely not video games,” said Ukari Baker, 18, Criminal Justice Major. 

“In games, they don’t have schools, they don’t have kids that’s under 18, it’s all adults. There are no kids in video games and also if that was the case, the majority of school shootings are done by white kids in places that guns are accessible like Arkansas,” said Crystal Sierra, 18, Mental Health Major.

Author: Elleisha Richins

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