What are KCC Students Watching?

With dozens of streaming platforms at our fingertips nowadays, there are a plethora of television shows to choose from that range across hundreds of genres. KBCC students across campus spoke about the shows that left an impression on them. Their experience with each program varies from pure entertainment to a profound connection with the writing.

What is your favorite Netflix show and why?

“I would say All American because not only it is based on a true story, but how he is working so hard to become a great football player, didn’t have a father and took his coach in as his mentor. I can relate to that because when I was playing football in high school, I did the exact same thing. I used my coach as a mentor and he showed me the way.” Brian Augustin, 18. Criminal Justice

“My favorite Netflix Show is Stranger Things because I love how it portrays 80s pop culture. I love how creative it is and also love how great the child actors are even though they’re so inexperienced.”Matt Hirsch, 23, Journalism & Print Media.

“My favorite show right now is Friends. The reason why is because for me it is a great union of people who are absolutely different in their characters and lives and somehow are able to be together and share their stories with us.” Violetta Brin, 20, Graphic Design.

“I would go with Lucifer because you never really know what people describe heaven and hell to be. That show [is] what hell is really like and what I believe. Who’s ever known the devil to help somebody and to be a detective.” Tionne Greenidge, 19, Social Work.

“The Taco Chronicles because I love tacos, everybody should love tacos. If everybody loved tacos then there would be no wars, sadness or anything dark because tacos are little pockets of sunshine.” Billy Cochrane, 37, College assistant.

Author: Saul DeLeon

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