What Do You Know About KCC Art Journal?

If you are looking for a way to show everyone what you’re capable of or are tired of routine and want to do something creative, then it’s time for you to check out Antheon. A place for anyone who is interested in art or writing.

Antheon is Kingsborough’s Art-Journal. It isn’t just a typical art book, but a journal founded to publish students’ best pieces of art and literature, while also exhibiting the creative visions of our talented designers. Each fall, a new team of student designers and editors are elected to guide a year’s worth of submissions. The team’s goal is to promote our community’s writers and artists by giving them a platform to reach a wider audience. It is a fantastic opportunity to be seen and heard, not only to get published but maybe to be a part of the creative process of the journal itself.

Antheon is a place for students to go outside the box and explore new ideas. You get to be as creative as you want because your ideas are always welcome and encouraged. You may wonder how you can be a part of it? The answer is simple – be active in class, share your ideas with others and show professors you are interested in being featured or work on the design in the next issue. You can also drop by the Students Publications office in room M-230, where the team meets to work on the journal. However, if you don’t have time to drop by, Antheon also has a website where students can submit as many pieces as they want.

Antheon will be publishing their 2020 journal this April, but the team is looking for new work for the upcoming issue. Submissions for 2021 have already started and the last day to submit is Friday, November 27, so you have plenty of time. Hard work always pays off and this is only the beginning. We are all talented in our own unique ways and have a lot to show to this world.

Author: Violetta Brin

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