Frank Percaccio: Director of Journalism Program, Kingsborough Community College: Frank Percaccio is an Assistant Professor of English and is the Director of the Journalism and Print Media Program. His interests include journalism, film, drama, medieval literature and American fiction.

Patrick Hickey Jr.: Assistant Director, Kingsborough Journalism Program, Webmaster, KCCWavewire.com: Once upon a time, Patrick Hickey Jr. was a student at Kingsborough and over the next 12 years, went on to become the Editor-In-Chief of both Kingsborough’s student newspaper, Scepter and Brooklyn College’s Kingsman. After college, Hickey freelanced for publications such as the New York Daily News, the New York Times, The Hockey Writers, Yahoo!, The Syracuse Post-Standard and Complex Magazine. He has also held editorial and senior writer positions at local newspapers and publications the likes of Bay Currents, New York Sports Day and NBC’s Local Integrated Media division.

Currently, Hickey is a Full-Time Lecturer of English and Journalism at Kingsborough and the webmaster of the KCCWavewire,  as well as the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of ReviewFix.com and a contributor to Old School Gamer Magazine. He has also taught Multimedia Journalism at Brooklyn College, instructed at John Jay College and represents Kingsborough as the Chair of the City University of New York Journalism Discipline Council.

His first book, The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews With Cult and Classic Video Game Developers has garnered praise from Forbes, The Huffington Post, MSG Networks and The New York Daily News.

Sulaiman Larokko: Production Assistant: Sulaiman Larokko is a Kingsborough Community College alum with an Associates Degree in Journalism. During his time at KBCC, he was the winner of the Jerry Kinney Outdoor writers award. He is currently working towards a BA in Journalism from CUNY York.

As a journalist, Sulaiman has landed interviews with the likes of “Evil Dead” star Bruce Campbell, “Tattoo Nightmare’s” Jasmine Rodriguez and former WWE and TNA superstar Ken Anderson and has covered several games in development from the Ubisoft library while at Review Fix. Sulaiman has also used being a journalist to help himself transition into freelance photography, taking pictures for independent wrestling companies in New York City.